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Opinel Folding Knife

The opinel folding knife is made of carbon steel and has a 14" blade. It is also have a handy foldable knife form of handle. This knife is great for doing small tasks or cutting meat. The knife also comes with a cool foldable knife form of handle.

Carbon Steel Blade Beech Wood Handle 13080

Opinel VRN No 8 Folder

By Opinel

USD $11.90

New Garden Knife 3123841330802
Ring Lock X90 Carbon Steel Beechwood Handle 13070


By Opinel

USD $10.35

Ring Lock Stainless Steel Beechwood Handle 23080


By Opinel

USD $11.19

Carbon Steel Blade Beech Wood Handle 13060

Opinel VRN No 6 Folder

By Opinel

USD $10.21

5 1/8" Closed Natural Varnished Beechwood


By Opinel

USD $19.00

Opinel No 112 Paring Knife

Opinel No 112 Paring Knife

By Opinel

USD $13.99

With Olive Wood Handle

Opinel No 08 Stainless Steel

By Opinel

USD $14.00

Opinel No13 Stainless Steel Giant Folding Knife

Top 10 Opinel Folding Knife Reviews

The new opinel folding pocket knife is a great addition to your garden. This knife can be used for tasks such as cutting vegetables, fruits, and vegetables in the garden, shearingeiing clothes, and cutting meat. The blade is 3cr13 stainless steel and is made with a durable hard-shell case.
the opinel folding knife has a medium size bowie style blade and is equipped with a ring lock, carbon steel beechwood handle with a 13070 carbon steel date is a great knife for homedefense or for those who are looking for a lightweight but effective knife.
this is a very nice poster-board folding knife made out of stainless steel. The ring lock is a great feature and makes it easy to keep a key out of the way. The beechwood hand handle is a great design and makes it feel comfortable in the hand.